How to be a happy couple?


Whether you are married for only a year or you are celebrating your 25th anniversary, it is important to maintain a strong and happy relationship with each other.
Make your relationship healthy and afresh, by supporting each other in all circumstances, especially in times of trouble. Stay with him/her till the problem is solved and do not put down each other, when alone or in a gathering.
Show love and affection towards each other; value your relationship to the core. Some may not be expressive, but still try to be communicative and gift small things occasionally.
You have to be honest and sincere in communicating with each other, and do not hesitate to share a difficult situation that occurred in your life.

Compromise is a major part in a strong relationship. You should be able to make a decision that leads to a happy resolution. First you take time to listen to and understand each other and then express your opinion towards the decision, stating your own reasons. You must be capable of giving apologies also, accordingly. It really makes your spouse happy. Expression and acceptance of apologies should be very clear and genuine.

Be very active and responsible in sharing the household work. Try to understand the work pressures and societal pressures and be empathetic when your spouse is not able to assist in the domestic chores. Remember, it’s not always a wife’s job to take care of the home; a husband also has an equal share.
If you have kids spend time with them. Give your unconditional love and support to them. Plan some outings with your family, not only to sight-seeing places, but also to friends and relatives to enable your children to understand the value of relationships.

Don’t be an obstacle when your spouse wishes to pursue a hobby or interest. Respect each other and take your personal space.
A strong and understanding relationship is a happy relationship.

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