According to a survey done in the USA, 62% of couples agreed that sharing of domestic responsibilities is a major influence for a successful marriage. Today, when most of the couples, both of them are employed, it has also become essential for both of them to share the work. It’s not like an olden day’s movie, when the husband sits in a rock-chair reading a newspaper, demanding his wife for a cup of coffee. A husband also gets an equal responsibility in carrying out the daily chores at home.

Daily chores include – cooking, cleaning, arranging the house, buying groceries, taking care of the children, attending to their needs and if there are any elderly parents at home, taking care of them too.
Husband and wife are compared to the two wheels of a cart, and if only they move together, their married life will be a happy one.
After a day’s work, usually any one gets frustrated to take up the tasks at home. When the burden is more on a woman, life becomes more miserable. She can’t help shouting and yelling at the messy affairs of the house. Therefore, a husband must join her in sharing her work. It’s not like a fifty-fifty deal, but whichever work is convenient for them, they can pick up that for the smooth running of the family. Otherwise, it makes them feel that it is better to work at the office, than at home.
When the husband starts working at home, it may not be a happy news for the neighbors and relatives, but do not bother about those comments passed by people who cannot step into your shoes.
It’s to be remembered that if you start to have an emotional dialogue with your spouse on these issues, you may lose the time to communicate peacefully with your kids. Remember that you communicate more values to them through your actions, than through words.
If you think that you are not being assisted by your spouse, convey the same to him courteously, so that he/she cannot miss the opportunity to help you either in the kitchen or in managing the affairs of children.
We understand that nature makes it so, that a woman’s share is more in this job and surveys have proved it also. However, it depends on the understanding levels of the couple to divide the work and make their home a living paradise.

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