Jealousy in a Relationship



  1. 1. Is your partner possessive of you?
  2. Is he/she checking your phone?
  3. Does he/she want to dominate you in all walks of life?
  4. Is he/she not happy with your hobbies and interests?
  5. Are you afraid of losing your partner for somebody else?


Then, it is certain that you are inviting the unwanted negative feeling of jealousy into your life.  It is often stated that it is out of love or to protect the bond he/she is behaving so, but it would lead to unhappy circumstances in the long run.

Jealousy may crop up because of low self esteem. When he/she cannot appreciate himself/herself properly and on the other hand, when he/she is able to get that love and attention from the partner, it is quite natural that he/she does not want to lose that love. So, be careful and to avoid such unhealthy environment, be in love with yourself. Pursue your passion and make them your strengths. Have a pep talk with yourself daily to realize your strengths.

When there is a disappointment in your past, speak about it frankly with your spouse. Share your past experience, to avoid later disturbances in your life. Otherwise, to avoid the same situation, you try to become very possessive and protective about your partner, which might not be very interesting for him/her.

Keep your expectations practical. Set realistic goals for your family. As you sow, so you reap. As you expect something from your partner, remember he/she also may have some demands from you. Do not be too nagging about his/her behaviour.

Gestures of not being faithful to your partner sometimes may lead to jealousy. Learn to communicate openly and softly when there is any issue and it is necessary that both of you discuss and set limitations about your public behaviour, especially when you are with the opposite sex.

Jealousy is often mistaken for paying attention and it’s not always true. It’s better to cut this behaviour in the beginning itself, which otherwise will make you insecure.

To sustain a healthy relationship, be positive and stay strong.

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