Keys to enliven the beautiful relationship

  1. As a newly wedded couple, you create an identity of your own, at the same time, give respect to your elders.
  2. Have your own identity and safeguard your self esteem, yet creating a oneness bond.
  3. Enjoy a healthy physical relationship with your partner, to cherish it as a lovable experience.
  4. Learn the art of parenting and share the roles of being parents to young children and take space for yourselves.
  5. Overcome the hurdles of life together with confidence and independence. Greet your partner with a smile which may relieve his/her tensions.
  6. The strength of a marriage is seen in adverse conditions of life. Staying strong and to be able to express your inner thoughts will make your marriage a blissful affair.
  7. Humor and gaiety will relax the gravity of the situation. Use them as weapons and take things in their lighter vein.
  8. Continue to support each other, and be there always for each other.
  9. Learn from your past and do not repeat those which may worsen the relationship.
  10. Mutual trust and commitment in a relationship is the final ingredient towards enjoying a joyful marriage.

Realize the sensitivity and sensibility of the marriage relationship and make your relationship a strong, healthy and successful affair.

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