Why should I certify my marriage


Why should I certify my marriage?

The marriage certificate is a document issued by the civil registrar located in district quarters, that certifies the act of marriage.

This certification is a proof that you are legally married to a person.

  • To apply a passport
  • To open a bank account after wedding
  • It will be a strong proof when you are proceeding in legal activities

There is a directive by the Honorable Supreme Court dated 14.2.2006, which states that it is mandatory for the couples to register their marriages, no matter which religion, caste or creed they belong to. If you have not registered your wedding, this can be seen as a crime and is a punishable offence.

The Supreme Court suggests that the marriages must be registered under either the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or the Special Marriage Act 1954. The unregistered weddings are not considered as illegitimate, but the Indians need to compulsorily register their marriages.

Marriage Registration benefits:

  • Easy legal proceedings in case of succession of property to the spouse.
  • After dissolution of first marriage, a person is able to enter the matrimonial alliance for the second time.
  • For the transfer of property or the custody of kids in case of legal separation, the court requires a certificate of marriage to be produced in the family court.
  • In case one of the spouses is working abroad and wants to take along his/her partner then he/she will require the marriage certificate to obtain the work permit from the country’s consulate. The foreign embassies do not issue the work permit in the absence of a valid marriage certificate in these cases.
  • Documents required

Required documents for Marriage registration:

  1. National Identity of the couple, passport or residence card.
  2. residence Certificate
  3. Nationality Certificate
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Signature of two witnesses.



Need to attend both bride and bridegroom with their parents and witnesses in personal in the Civil Registry Office of the place of marriage with above mentioned documents and had to pay minimal amount in form of challan.

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