How Brahmin Marriage Starts and Ends



Wedding is the most important part of life which comes only once in his/her life. Every community will have its own rituals and perform them in their own ways at the time of marriages. The rituals observed in Brahmin marriages are as follows:

The marriage starts with Edurukolu , means the bride’s  family welcomes the groom’s family  into the marriage hall.  The ritual is observed with great fun and excitement as the close relatives and friends of the groom narrate the greatness of the groom and declare write my essay for me that the bride should garland the groom first. The opposite party reiterates the same with the bride. Both the sides wait in pleasure to see who is going to garland whom first. The bride and bridegroom are equaled to Sita and Lord Rama hereafter till the end of the wedding.

This is followed by the entry of the groom into the mantapa arranged for the ritual.

The third ritual performed is Varapooja. In this ritual bride’s parents will clean the legs of bridegroom. The most important thing done in this ritual is every Brahmin bridegroom will wear the sacred yagnopaveetham on his body. Before marriage yagnopaveetham will have three threads and after marriage it is of nine sacred threads. This yagnopaveetham will be changed by the bride’s father and also he will decorate the write my essay for me groom with a silver yagnopaveethamon account of the auspicious occasion.

The fourth ritual is Gowripooja performed by the bride before she enters the kalyana mandapam. The main reason to perform this pooja is that every bride cherishes a desire that the bond with her husband should be strong and fulfilling till the end. This pooja goes back to the tradition of Maa Sri Gowri performing the write my essay for me pooja awaiting her prospective husband, Lord Siva.

The fifth ritual is when the bride sitting in a Pellibutta, in a bamboo basket is carried off to the mantapa by her maternal uncles. This tradition suggests the responsibility of the uncles in giving their niece in marriage to the groom.

The sixth ritual is Kanyadanam performed by the bride’s parents. They offer their daughter, kanya to the groom so that he can get children from her and she will assist him in his religious duties. They keep their daughter’s hands on the groom’s hand requesting him to take care of their daughter and hold her hand till the end of her life.

The seventh ritual performed would be Sumuhurtham where this is the most important ritual in a Brahmin marriage. In this ritual the bride and groom will keep jeelakarra bellam on the top of each other’s heads, one looking into the other’s eyes. It signifies the opening up of the sahasraram and ignites the thought process. The combination is a very good mixture, which if used will improve the health and longevity of the couple.

The eighth ritual performed is Yoktradharana. In this ritual, the priests hold the khani on the head of the bride where magalsutram will be tied to that khani and the groom will perform the pooja. The main reason behind this is that the bride should carry the responsibilities in her life .After performing this ritual the groom will tie a rope made of grass around the waist of the bride. The bridegroom offers the bride a promise that he will protect her from all the evils.

The ninth ritual performed would be MangalaSutraDharana. In this ritual the groom will tie mangalasutram to the bride by tying three knots. There are two sutras, one is from the maternal side and the other one is from the in-laws.

The tenth ritual is Talambralu .Bride and groom will put talambralu on each other. Talambralu are made of rice and turmeric powder. This ritual resembles the newly married couple’s happiness.


Next rituals would be Saptapadi, NagavalliSadasyam and Sthalipakam, where the groom and bride by performing which are declared eligible to enter the household life and accept the grihastha dharma.


The last ritual performed is Appagintalu .Bride’s family will give the hands of their daughter that is their responsibility, to the groom’s family and her husband and request to take care of their daughter. This ritual is a very emotional one.

Marriage is an auspicious occasion in one’s life where two souls make their promises and to lead a happy life together.

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