In the rituals of Hindu marriage, after the wedding the groom will point out at the two stars of Vasishta and Arundathi to the groom. They are considered the ideal couple by our scriptures. As the newly married glance at these stars, it is believed that the positive energy from these stars binds the couple with love and togetherness.

In the month of Chaitra , Indian women, observe fast for the long life of their husbands.

Arundathi is one among the nine daughters of Kardama and Devahuti, and according to the Shiva Purana, it is said that she is the manasaputri of Brahma, named Sandhya. She pleased Shiva to purify herself from her emotional instincts.  He said her jump into Medhatiti’s fire and then she is reborn as Arundhathi.

According to another legend, it is said that she is the daughter of Kashyapa and sister of Narada. Later she married sage Vasishita who is one among the seven sages, the Saptarishis. There are many more epic stories regarding Arundathi.


According to Vedic literature, it is concluded that Arundathi is an exemplary character of chastity and sanctity. Her service and devotion to her husband and home and Vasihta always paired with Arundhati show a way to the new couple. It is their mutual trust and being together that makes their marital life a heavenly bliss.

It is also a scientific and astronomical fact that these two stars Alcor (Arundhathi) and Mizar (Vasishta) rotate one in tune with the other, and not when one is stationary, the other revolves around it.

Thus, wife and husband also should be in harmony with each other in all walks of life.

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