What a girl and boy should be taught before marriage?


Every girl and boy should learn something before she or he gets married to someone because her/his life will change significantly with the entry of a new person in their lives. Especially for a girl she needs to mould herself a lot because she will enter another house and take up the responsibilities.

It is said that behind everyman’s success there is a woman.  From times immemorial, a woman has been playing a dominant role in a man’s life. For that she has to change her attitude, behavior and everything according to the surroundings. Girls should know how to how to cook because that would be the most important task at the in-law’s house. She should know how to manage time. If she is a working woman, work-life balance should be maintained. She should be very responsible regarding her family and also her career. She should have time to spend with her husband and family. If she is a girl from a luxurious background, she has to avoid late night parties and other such activities because Indian society doesn’t encourage these.

She has to know how to run the family and also how to bring up the children. She should know how to manage the financial affairs of the family. She should get into the shoes of the husband before she starts pointing out at him, in case of any misunderstanding. She should know how to forgive the mistakes of her children and her husband.

Even a boy must know about a girl and also have an idea about his future plans, personal as well as professional. Firstly, a prospective husband should be thorough with the financial affairs. He should know how to fulfill the dreams of her soul mate. He should know that his role is going to be a major one and should be responsible regarding his career. He should know how to respect her thoughts and ideas.  He should know how to give respect to her family because she takes care of your family.

A wife and a husband should treat each other like a best friend so that their understanding and compatibility graph would be high. It is always better to be familiar with the tastes of each other before marriage. One should respect and trust each other.

Either a wife or a husband shouldn’t compare herself/himself with anyone else because she or he might get hurt and feel insulted. One should be able to accept the other with her/his strengths and weaknesses equally. If they do not have any expectations about the other and receive each other with an open and flexible mind by the time of marriage, their life would be a fulfilling one.

These are the things every girl and boy should be taught before their marriage to lead their happy life without any disturbances or complications.

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